Remote data integration.

An ETL-platform to continuously collect and centralize data from diverse remote sources.

Abstract topology of connected remote sources

Collect data from many remote locations

Sources can be on-premise databases, files, APIs... on any location inside or outside your organization, where a BASIL agent could access them.

Transform data into a uniform data model

Collected data is automatically conformed, allowing consumers to be blissfully unaware of the original source formats.

Synchronize at
any frequency

Relevant changes to the source data are detected and pushed to the backend, every day, hour or minute.

Rapidly add new sources

No coding required to add a new source. A self-service workflow allows third-party system administrators to install the agent.

Agent management

Powerful tools to remotely control, update and monitor agents. All communication uses HTTPS for optimal connectivity in enterprise environments.

Easy integrations

Minimal development needed to configure integration with a new source type. BASIL supports most common storage technologies out-of-the-box.

Use cases


A major compliance organization uses BASIL for real-time monitoring of the accounts of more than 1000 independent organizations.

Read our case study

Market research

Using BASIL, a market research agency can collect point of sale (POS) data to track purchases from hundreds of online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Performance benchmarking

More than 200 notary firms use a BASIL-based BI application to collect and share anonymized operational data, to optimize their performance and client-satisfaction.

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BASIL fills a unique niche where regular ETL toolchains (Kafka, Debezium, ...) are hard to deploy.

Data is pushed by a self-updating agent and requires no remote access to the systems where the data is located (see architecture).

Collect data from:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Flat files (TXT, CSV, TSV, ...)
  • DBase / Visual Foxpro
  • ...

Provide data to:

  • Applications, data marts or data lakes through SQL
  • Event streams (e.g. Kafka)
  • Change data capture systems (e.g. Debezium)
  • ...

Privacy by design

Agents sync only relevant source data and can redact sensitive data before it leaves the source system. The BASIL backend provides retention policies for GDPR compliance.


Security model assumes agents running on zero-trust third-party systems. Blast radius is limited to minimize imact of a compromised agent. And all data is obviously end-to-end encrypted, both in transit and at rest.

Devops automation

While it can run in any Linux server environment, the backend and agent installer can be deployed to AWS using an entirely code-driven, automated process.


Agents can run on Windows, Linux or any JVM-compatible operating system. Agents can be located on any system from which they are able to access the source data.


BASIL architecture

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