Real-time ETL of heterogeneous multi‑premise data.

Testimonial: Audit

BASIL is used by a major compliance organization for real-time monitoring of >1000 different accountancy systems. The accounting systems are in diverse formats and are each located in a different on-premise IT environment.

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BASIL fills a unique niche where regular ETL toolchains (Kafka, Debizium,...) are hard to deploy.

Collects data from

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle databases
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Flat files (TXT, CSV, TSV,...)
  • DBase / Visual Foxpro
  • ...

Sends data to

  • SQL-based data warehouse
  • Data lake
  • Kafka topic
  • Other event stream
  • ...

Unify all data into a uniform data store

BASIL transforms data from many different source types into unified, homogenous data.

Sync source data at any frequency

Configure sources to sync weekly, daily or even every few minutes.

Easily add new types of sources

Write only a few configuration files to start adding a new type of source.

Security and privacy built-in

Selectively read, transform, sync and retain data to conform to security and privacy requirements, like GDPR.

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